May 05 - 08 2022


For details of the program see
08:30 - 12:00

European Orchestra Festival in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The European Orchestra Federation is happy to invite you to the next European Orchestra Festival in the great, historic city of Plovdiv. What does this festival promise you?

  • concert possibilities for your orchestra
  • international workshops
  • social opportunities
  • time to explore and experience Plovdiv
  • unique opportunity to connect with people from all over Europe

Registration for the European Orchestra Festival is open to orchestras that are member of the European Orchestra Federation (EOFed),(as [ ….] [hear you could write the name of your orchestra or federation] For more information please send a mail to

Very special venues to be used during the festival: Kolodrum centre and the Ancient Theatre (Roman). Accommodation in hotels.

The European Orchestra Festival has been organised every third year for more than 30 years. We are very proud of this tradition. As always, we look forward to a colourful, abundant and vibrant festival!